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The AASHTOWare OpenAPI extends the AASHTOWare portfolio of product capabilities through the use of an API-centric architecture

An application programming interface (API) is software that allows multiple applications or systems to talk to each other and share functionality. The AASHTOWare OpenAPI is a cloud-based solution that incorporates an API management system that acts as the API request "hub" for routing data between AASHTOWare installations. The AASHTOWare OpenAPI does not does store AASHTOWare application data nor run AASHTOWare applications but it does provide the connectivity framework. The AASHTOWare OpenAPI is a system that controls and connects existing AASHTOWare installations to provide a unified set of services from the cloud.

The AASHTOWare OpenAPI lets you leverage existing AASHTOWare and technology investments in an entirely new way.

A new approach to cloud-based API management and access to the AASHTOWare ecosystem

Goal is to Simplify

A host of resources, information, and tools

The AASHTOWare OpenAPI can be used to provide functionality from AASHTOWare products in a number of integration scenarios. The design, development, testing and implementation of the AASHTOWare OpenAPI is the result of multiple stakeholders, including AASHTOWare, the state transportation agencies, and third-parties.

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Open API Platforms are at the heart of modern solutions, digital transformation strategies, and innovation planning

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) originally initiated the research behind the AASHTOWare OpenAPI in 2018. This was to identify interfaces that AASHTOWare products should have with each other and with other enterprise systems at state transportation agencies. As an extension to this foundation and part of a broader modernization effort, development began on a fully formulated API platform using the OpenAPI 3.0 standard.

In a Nutshell

The AASHTOWare OpenAPI makes it easier to implement interactions between third-party applications, AASHTOWare products, and state agency applications.

On the Horizon

The AASHTOWare OpenAPI is now in its inaugural phase of deployement with all core initial functionality in the current release. Additional capabilities are planned for future releases to bring the highest benefit and value to the AASHTOWare user base.

More Info

A formal onboarding process is the first step in adopting the platform. New participants are encouraged complete the orientation and coordination to get the most out of the platform.

Learn more about the API Supplier and API Consumer roles within the AASHTOWare OpenAPI.

The AASHTOWare OpenAPI is a "one-stop-shop" offering that provides AASHTOWare features across product suites from a single resource in a modern, industry-familiar, and standardized platform.

  1. API Supplier

    The AASHTOWare OpenAPI is delivered and supported by a cloud-native architecture. By doing this, the infrastructure and operations' complexity from multiple products and multiple product installations are greatly simplified.

  2. API Consumer

    AASHTOWare continues to elevate the transportation technology practice by extending the capabilities of its enterprise software suite into an open platform framework with a unifying API that fully leverages the existing product suite.


For agencies and agency members

AASHTOWare OpenAPI provides agencies with all of the tools and support to immediately take advantage of the platform. AASHTOWare OpenAPI includes a comprehensive developer portal that provides essential information and tools for agency technical staff who want to use the platform. Onboarding and registration is quick and easy. This portal grants access to documentation, tutorials, code samples, and support.

Most importantly, the developer portal is used for the required configuration, onboarding, and registration procedures.

To use the developer portal, you need to create an account by following a simple 3-step process which is outlined, HERE .

Everything you need to leverage and utilize the platform as an agency member is in one place.

*Full rights and access, including the necessary subscription keys for API prototyping, are added after account creation (which may take up to 24hrs). Automated emails are sent once your subscription is activated.

Key requirements for agencies

Agency use of AASHTOWare OpenAPI requires incoming AND outgoing internet traffic (illustrated below) to AASHTOWare applications which may require firewall configuration. Those specific settings, procedures, and requirements are detailed in the full onboarding reference, available from the developer portal.


Get started faster and progress even further.

Application Development using AASHTOWare OpenAPI

AASHTOWare OpenAPI provided a portfolio of APIs built from AASHTOWare software components that can be reused by independent software vendors (ISVs) for application development. By using AASHTOWare OpenAPI, ISVs can access data, functionality, and features from the library of AASHTOWare applications and platforms without having to build them from scratch. Quality, performance, and security are at the heart of the platform, as well as the critical technical supports needed to reduce development time and cost. AASHTOWare OpenAPI also enables developers to integrate their applications with other systems and services, delivering more value with less effort.

Access the Developer Portal HERE

System Integration

AASHTOWare OpenAPI allows different software systems to communicate and exchange data across the AASHTOWare suite of products. AASHTOWare OpenAPI can be used for a variety of systems integration tasks to improve capabilities and extend functionality by leveraging and interconnecting existing technology assets. AASHTOWare OpenAPI can allow a system to integrate with a cloud service providers, on-premises resources, and to third-party applications.

Alliance Program

Further partnering opportunities are available for even greater collaboration and innovation through the AASHTOWare Alliance Program. The Alliance Program in conjunction with the AASHTOWare OpenAPI provide unique and differentiating access to the future of AASHTOWare capabilities.

Learn more about the Alliance Program

Engagement drives the opportunities and multiplies the potential. We are here to help you get started and to help you succeed. We are committed to your success and to the success of the AASHTOWare OpenAPI. Collaboration is a core part of that mission.

  1. Innovation Infrastructure

    The AASHTOWare OpenAPI is founded and built on state-of-the-practice cloud architectures. Our platform leverages the best of these current standards. This eliminates a number of otherwise insurmountable challenges around distribution.

  2. Unlock the Launchpad

    The AASHTOWare OpenAPI provides a direct and simple means to make the most of your AASHTOWare, enterprise, and innovation investments. As a platform, the AASHTOWare OpenAPI is the ideal launchpad for the next generation of transportation technology advancements.

  3. Collaboration Community

    Join the discussion. There are variety of opportunities to participate in the AASHTOWare OpenAPI technical dialogs. These forums will open soon to drive the initiative to the greatest innovation. Get started here, in the developer portal.

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Common questions and important highlights about the AASHTOWare OpenAPI

What is the AASHTOWare OpenAPI?

Then AASHTOWare OpenAPI is a data service framework platform used to re-purpose existing AASHTOWare capabilities into a modern API utility.

What does the AASHTOWare OpenAPI do?

The AASHTOWare OpenAPI provides unified "data self-service" for AASHTOWare customers and a straightforward integration channel for third-party developers.

How do AASHTOWare contractors adapt to the AASHTOWare OpenAPI?

Contractors use the AASHTOWare OpenAPI infrastructure to deliver their existing data services, formatted to a common convention.

How does this help licensed users?

The AASHTOWare OpenAPI establishes a common foundation that simplifies API design and use while at the same time works with modern tools and standards. This makes future data sharing needs with AASHTOWare quicker and easier to maintain after implementation.

What advantage is there to using the AASHTOWare OpenAPI?

The AASHTOWare OpenAPI removes the barrier to the AASHTOWare application data, regardless of product, while at the same time simplifying common tasks. Plus, it is compatible with a variety of data and productivity tools. For example, the AASHTOWare OpenAPI will make it easier to integrate with mobile and enhanced reporting tools.

How will the AASHTOWare OpenAPI help future AASHTOWare application features?

Although the "Main" API serves as a unifying common foundation, each product can release product specific APIs as desired independent of the base AASHTOWare application. Agencies, third-party developers, and AASHTOWare contractors can use these APIs to build completely new applications and services that leverage the AASHTOWare application data.

How does the AASHTOWare OpenAPI support agency infrastructure for API usage?

The AASHTOWare OpenAPI limits API network traffic to a managed gateway. Agencies do not need to open their networks to general public traffic. All operations are controlled and tracked. Robust activity metrics are provided.